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Quantum Existence

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Quantum Existence
S.K. Srivastava

The foundation of Quantum Physics is based on Planck’s quantum concept of the discrete quantity of energy. All matter and bodies possess order and disorder - quantum characteristics. A quantization process takes place in every event or action during Order – Disorder Transformations (ODTs), as is also evident in cases of life and gravity, which are quantum realm-special states on the earth provided by nature through the Sun. 

The production of life in an ordered state is in quantum form. Living life forms a disordered system. Complete death occurs in an ordered state. As the human body temperature goes on decreasing and T → 0, Δ S→ 0, and so the life energy goes on decaying and the tendency for the occurrence of death develops and the condition of t → 0 signifies complete death.

The ODTs equation:

∫ ∫ f (O, D ) Δ O ΔD = ∫ ∫ f (t , E ) Δ t Δ E = (1 / 2π) for f (O, D= f (t , E ) → 1 (maximum quantization condition)

is the quantum equation of existence, which is similar to the God equation and the equation of zero quantum gravity. This reveals the fact that the beginning and end of existence is quantum. The success of the quantum theory of everything based on ODTs and their applications is self-consistent and self-justified.

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Vol.48 No.4 (July 2021)
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