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Vol.50 No.5 (September 2023)
Evaluation of Alcoholic Extracts of Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. Var. utilis for Antibacterial, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities toward Human Cancer Cell Lines
Article ID: e2023045
Author:Kanokwan Jitpimai, Lukana Ngiwsara, Weeranuch Lang, Thanawan Panichpat, Ratchanee Mingma, Jisnuson Svasti and Jintanart Wongchawalit
Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Garcinia cowa Aqueous Leaf Extract and Their Antifungal Activity Against Durian Dieback Pathogen
Article ID: e2023046
Author:Usa Sukkha, Awadol Khejonrak, Phitsamai Kamonpha, Anuchit Ruangvittayanon, Sirichatnach Pakdeepromma and Pornprapa Kongtragoul
Life Cycle and Damage Patterns of Tea Mosquito Bug (Helopeltis theivora Waterhouse), a Newly Recorded Pest on Arabica coffee in Northern Thailand
Article ID: e2023047
Author:Apichaya Jakkoksung, Korrawat Attasopa, Chun-I Chiu and Yaowaluk Chanbang
The Exponential T-X Gompertz Model for Modeling Real Lifetime Data: Properties and Estimation
Article ID: e2023048
Author:Mohammd Amine Meraou, Fatimah Alshahrani, Ibrahim M. Almanjahie and Mohammed Kadi Attouch
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zeolite X from Bituminous Fly Ash and Its Characterization
Article ID: e2023049
Author:Pongsakorn Truttim, Suwimol Asavapisit and Rungroj Piyaphanuwat
A New Host Record of Bipolaris panici-miliacei from the Roots of a Pioneer Plant (Saccharum rufipilum) in an Abandoned Phosphate Mining Site in Southwest China
Article ID: e2023044
Author:Er-fu Yang, Zhen-xiong Zhao, Samantha C. Karunarathna, Anuruddha Karunarathna, Saowaluck Tibpromma, Ze-lin Sun, Cheng-jiao Dao, Jiu-mei Ma, Ling-pan Du and Kai Yan

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Current Insight into the Understanding of Fungal Diversity and Applications Based on Research in the Tropics
Submission note: Manuscript submit for "Tropical Fungi Special Issue III" Submission deadline: 31 October 2023
NEWS: 3 Febuary 2023
Solid-state characterizations of the inclusion complexes between warfarin sodium and β-cyclodextrin
page: 978 - 984
Author:Sarunya Phunpee [a], Satit Puttipipatkhachorn [b], Uracha Rungsardthong Ruktanonchai*[a]
Vol.40 No.6 SPECIAL ISSUE 2 Downloaded: 45,380
Comparisons of AS-AQ Pulping of Sweet Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper Backer) and Pulping by Conventional Kraft Process
page: 97 - 107
Author:Suphat Kamthai
Vol.34 No.1 (JANUARY 2007) Downloaded: 5,654
Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Sintered SS316L-Sn Containing MoS2 Solid Lubricant
page: 838 - 853
Author:Wantana Koetniyom, Yossawas Nopjinda, Romechalee Tepnok, Nattaya Tosangthum, Monnapas Morakotjinda, Thanyaporn Yotkaew, Pongsak Wila and Ruangdaj Tongsri*
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) Downloaded: 4,070
RNA family classification using the conditional random fields model
page: 1 - 7
Author:Sitthichoke Subpaiboonkit[a], Chinae Thammarongtham[b] and Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich*[a,b,d]
Vol.39 No.1 (JANUARY 2012) Downloaded: 2,850
Review of Angkak Production (Monascus purpureus)
page: 319 - 328
Author:Patcharee Pattanagul, Renu Pinthong , Aphirak Phianmongkhol, Noppol Leksawasdi
Vol.34 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2007) Downloaded: 2,312
Precipitation in the Nugget Zone of AA6061-T6 by Friction Stir Welding
page: 409 - 419
Author:Wang Tao, Zou Yong, Kenji Matsuda
Vol.43 No.2 (SPECIAL ISSUE 1) Downloaded: 1,737

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