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Solid-state characterizations of the inclusion complexes between warfarin sodium and β-cyclodextrin
page: 978 - 984
Author:Sarunya Phunpee [a], Satit Puttipipatkhachorn [b], Uracha Rungsardthong Ruktanonchai*[a]
Vol.40 No.6 SPECIAL ISSUE 2 View: 848 Download:45,485
Comparisons of AS-AQ Pulping of Sweet Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper Backer) and Pulping by Conventional Kraft Process
page: 97 - 107
Author:Suphat Kamthai
Vol.34 No.1 (JANUARY 2007) View: 552 Download:5,705
Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Sintered SS316L-Sn Containing MoS2 Solid Lubricant
page: 838 - 853
Author:Wantana Koetniyom, Yossawas Nopjinda, Romechalee Tepnok, Nattaya Tosangthum, Monnapas Morakotjinda, Thanyaporn Yotkaew, Pongsak Wila and Ruangdaj Tongsri*
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) View: 737 Download:4,169
RNA family classification using the conditional random fields model
page: 1 - 7
Author:Sitthichoke Subpaiboonkit[a], Chinae Thammarongtham[b] and Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich*[a,b,d]
Vol.39 No.1 (JANUARY 2012) View: 651 Download:2,884
Review of Angkak Production (Monascus purpureus)
page: 319 - 328
Author:Patcharee Pattanagul, Renu Pinthong , Aphirak Phianmongkhol, Noppol Leksawasdi
Vol.34 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2007) View: 2,608 Download:2,425
Precipitation in the Nugget Zone of AA6061-T6 by Friction Stir Welding
page: 409 - 419
Author:Wang Tao, Zou Yong, Kenji Matsuda
Vol.43 No.2 (SPECIAL ISSUE 1) View: 747 Download:1,777
Pitting Corrosion of Type 304 Stainless Steel in High Chloride-containing Water under Hydrodynamic Condition
page: 229 - 241
Author:Pitichon Klomjit*, Namurata Palsson, Piya Khamsuk and Ekkarut Viyanit
Vol.47 No.2 (Special Issue I : March 2020) View: 687 Download:1,461
Preliminary Study of Anthraquinone in Sweet Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper Backer) Alkaline Sulfite Pulping
page: 235 - 247
Author:Suphat Kamthai
Vol.34 No.2 (MAY 2007) View: 513 Download:1,379
Kinetic Parameters of Candida tropicalis TISTR 5306 for Ethanol Production Process Using an Optimal Enzymatic Digestion Strategy of Assorted Grade Longan Solid Waste Powder
page: 1036 - 1054
Author:Saengkae Wattanapanom, Jidapa Muenseema, Charin Techapun, Kittisak Jantanasakulwong, Vorapat Sanguanchaipaiwong, Thanongsak Chaiyaso, Prasert Hanmoungjai, Phisit Seesuriyachan, Julaluk Khemacheewakul, Rojarej Nunta, Sumeth Sommanee, Chatchadaporn Mahakuntha, Supavej Maniyom, Siriwat Jinsiriwanit, Churairat Moukamnerd and Noppol Leksawasdi *
Vol.46 No.6 (November 2019) View: 856 Download:1,343
An Efficient Protocol for the Synthesis of3,4-Dihydropyrimidine-2-(1H)-ones Catalyzed byFunctionalized Ionic Liquid [DDPA][HSO4]
page: 263 - 269
Author:Xiaobing Liu, Ming Lu and Tingting Lu
Vol.38 No.2 (APRIL 2011) View: 646 Download:1,305
Electrowinning of Copper from Dilute Sulfate Leachate of Oxide Copper Ore from the Sepon Mine, Lao PDR
page: 288 - 296
Author:Sorvang Vasailor, Sankum Nusen, Torranin Chairuangsri and Chairoj Rattanakawin
Vol.47 No.2 (Special Issue I : March 2020) View: 677 Download:1,229
Biohydrogen Production by Extremely Halophilic Bacteria from the Salt Pan of Samut Sakhon, Thailand
page: 378 - 390
Author:Dyah Asri Handayani Taroepratjeka, Tsuyoshi Imai, Prapaipid Chairattanamanokorn and Alissara Reungsang
Vol.47 No.3 (May 2020) View: 955 Download:1,152
Mushrooms: Splendid Gifts for the Cosmetic Industry
page: 699 - 725
Author:Kanaporn Sujarit, Nakarin Suwannarach, Jaturong Kumla and Thanasak Lomthong
Vol.48 No.3 (Special Issue I : May 2021) View: 681 Download:1,131
Crosslinking Effects on Alginate/Carboxymethyl Cellulose Packaging Film Properties
page: 712 - 722
Author:Nattapong Pinpru, Somsak Woramongkolchai*
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) View: 641 Download:1,035
Synthesis and Optical Band Gap Study of NIR-Reflective CoFe2O4 Black Pigments Doped with MgO, CaO and Al2O3
page: 686 - 699
Author:Nuchjarin Sangwong, Mantana Suwan and Sitthisuntorn Supothina*
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) View: 582 Download:978
Water Footprint and Virtual Water Flow of Cassava Starch of Thailand
page: 1129 - 1142
Author:Manuswee Phanichnok, Khanidtha Meevasana and Pongthep Suwanwaree*
Vol.46 No.6 (November 2019) View: 757 Download:971
Thin Layer Chromatography-Bioautography Assay for Antibacterial Compounds from Streptomyces sp. TBRC 8912, a Newly Isolated Actinomycin D Producer
page: 839 - 849
Author:Juangjun Jumpathong*, Nitra Nuengchamnong, Kulwadee Masin, Nareeluk Nakaew and Nungruthai Suphrom
Vol.46 No.5 (September 2019) View: 879 Download:958
Preparation and Characterization of 3D Printed Porous Polyethylene for Medical Applications by Novel Wet Salt Bed Technique
page: 200 - 212
Author:Jintamai Suwanprateeb*, Faungchat Thammarakcharoen and Waraporn Suvannapruk
Vol.41 No.1 (JANUARY 2014) View: 508 Download:951
Application of MeV Ion Beam Induced X-ray Emission in Elemental Analysis of Biosamples
page: 252 - 262
Author:Sudarat Wongke*, Sirawut Natyanun, Liangdeng Yu*, Chaiyon Chaiwai, Paitoon Narongchai and Udomrat Tippawan
Vol.48 No.1 (January 2021) View: 551 Download:948
Polyphenol Contents, Antioxidant and Anticancer Activity (MCF-7) of Soybean Products in Thailand
page: 176 - 183
Author:Thidarat Somdee *, Udomsak Mahaweerawat, Jindawan Wibulutai, Namphuang Dungkokruad and Suneerat Yung
Vol.44 No.1 (JANUARY 2017) View: 547 Download:946

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