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Response to Magnetic Field-Induced Stress on the Demographics and anti-ROS Activity of Aphid Macrosiphum rosae L. (Hemiptera:Aphididae)
Article ID: e2023001
Author:Juan He, Jiarui Liu, Meiqi Cheng, Jingyu Sun, Wei Chen and Weidong Pan
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 74 Download:47
New Report of Curvularia pseudobrachyspora Causing Brown Spot on Costa Rican Pitahaya Fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis) in Thailand
Article ID: e2023003
Author:Fakih Latehnuering, Chaninun Pornsuriya, Prisana Wonglom, On-Uma Ruangwong and Anurag Sunpapao
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 109 Download:74
Inhibition of Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae Causing Fruit Rot Disease of Longan by Using Antagonistic Bacillus siamensis RFCD306
Article ID: e2023004
Author:Aimalin Pipattanapuckdee, Pimjai Seehanam, Chantalak Tiyayon, Danai Boonyakait, Kaewalin Kunasakdakul, Salit Supakitthanakorn and On-Uma Ruangwong
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 68 Download:26
N, N-Dimethylformamide-assisted One-step Synthesis of Fe Doped Hierarchical Flower-like BiOCOOH with Enhenced Photocatalytic Activity
Article ID: e2023007
Author:Piao Chen, Mingqing Shan, Xiongjian Li, Shuijin Yang and Yun Yang
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 51 Download:30
Analysis of Waste Optical Fiber Cables for Converting to Fuel through Pyrolysis
Article ID: e2023006
Author:Noppadol Pringsakul, Ratthasak Prommas and Prangtip Rittichote Kaewpengkrow
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 40 Download:33
Two New Records of Agaricales (Psilocybe papuana and Cystoagaricus populinus) from China
Article ID: e2023005
Author:Yi Jiang, Di Zhang, Muhammad Idrees, Xiaobin Li, Jinmei Zhou and Jize Xu
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 102 Download:33
Prediction of Leakage Rate and Optimization of Structural Parameter of Blade Tip Labyrinth Seal
Article ID: e2023002
Author:Haiyin Guo, Yuqin Ma, Wei Xu, Yatao Zhao, Zedu Yang, Yi Xu, Fei Li and Yatao Li
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 36 Download:15
Effect of Soil Amendments on the Enzymatic Profile of Soil when Nicotiana alata L. and Petunia hybrida L. were Irrigated with Synthetic Heavy Metal-contaminated Wastewater
Article ID: e2023008
Author:Aqib Hassan Ali Khan, Syedah Zoya Kazmi, Cyrus Raza Mirza, Tayyab Ashfaq Butt, Nida Gul, Rocío Barros, Sohail Yousaf and Mazhar Iqbal
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 78 Download:41
Preparation of Porous Silica Nanoparticles by Chemical Etching for Removal of Paraquat from Aqueous Solution
Article ID: e2023009
Author:Kanokwan Darasoon, Supawitch Hoijang, Tanapong Kunakham, Sorapong Janhom, Supon Ananta, Gyu Leem and Laongnuan Srisombat
Vol.50 No.1 (January 2023) View: 67 Download:6

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