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A Review on Bioactive Compounds, Beneficial Properties and Biotechnological Approaches of Trametes (Polyporaceae, Polyporales) and a New Record from Laos
page: 674 - 698
Author:Kalani Kanchana Hapuarachchi, Samantha Chandranath Karunarathna, Xiu-Hong Xu, Arun Kumar Dutta, Pheng Phengsintham, Kevin David Hyde and Ting-Chi Wen
Vol.48 No.3 (Special Issue I : May 2021) View: 134 Download:98
In Vitro Symbiotic Seed Germination of Epipactis flava (Orchidaceae) Promoted by Endophytic Fungus, Tulasnella phuhinrongklaensis
page: 787 - 792
Author:Nakarin Suwannarach, Jaturong Kumla, Chanalug Rachanarin and Kanok-Orn Srimuang
Vol.48 No.3 (Special Issue I : May 2021) View: 169 Download:55
Lepiota section Stenosporae (Agaricaceae): two new records to Lao People's Democratic Republic
page: 49 - 56
Author:Phongeun Sysouphanthong, Naritsada Thongklang, Chatmongkon Suwannapoom, Wipornpan Nuangmek and Kevin D. Hyde
Vol.47 No.1 (January 2020) View: 473 Download:276
Isolation, Identification and Partial Characterization of Film-forming Microorganisms from Chinese Homemade Pickle, a Traditional Fermented Vegetable Product
page: 2283 - 2293
Author:Qi-Wen Cen, Tao Chen, Wei Zheng, Yu Zhang, Rui-Feng Ying, Zhen-Xing Tang and Lu-E Shi
Vol.45 No.6 (September 2018) View: 200 Download:119
Leucoagaricus houaynhangensis (Agaricaceae), A New Yellowish-green Species from Lao People’s Democratic Republic
page: 1287 - 1295
Author:Phongeun Sysouphanthong*, Somsanith Bouamanivong, Thaviphone Salichanh, Nakhonekham Xaybouangeun, Phuping Sucharitakul, Maslin Osathanunkul and Chatmongkon Suwannapoom
Vol.45 No.3 (May 2018) View: 227 Download:93
Prevalence and Analysis of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Escherichia coli and Salmonella Isolates from Green Leaf Lettuce
page: 1274 - 1286
Author:Chhay Chanseyha, Muhammad Bilal Sadiq, Tay Zar Aye Cho and Anil Kumar Anal*
Vol.45 No.3 (May 2018) View: 179 Download:95
Selection and Validation of Carbohydrate-utilizing Bacteria as a New Probiotic Candidate to Develop Probiotic-supplemented Thai Rice Cultivar Product
page: 717 - 730
Author:Saran Promsai*, Permpong Sriprasertsak, Sujinan Meelai, Yaowanoot Promnuan and Thapakorn Chumphon
Vol.45 No.2 (March 2018) View: 145 Download:56
Antibacterial Activity of Thai Medicinal Plant Extracts Against Oral and Gastrointestinal Pathogenic Bacteria and Prebiotic Effect on the Growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus
page: 33 - 44
Author:Suree Nanasombat, Nattakorn Kuncharoen, Benjarat Ritcharoon and Paweena Sukcharoen
Vol.45 No.1 (January 2018) View: 147 Download:111
Bioconversion of Agricultural Wastes to Mannooligosaccharides and Their Prebiotic Potential
page: 60 - 67
Author:Sudathip Chantorn, Chanitchote Piyapittayanun and Pichamon Dangpram
Vol.45 No.1 (January 2018) View: 153 Download:90
Use of Benthic Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators of Anthropogenic Impacts on Water Quality of Mae Klong River, Western Thailand
page: 1356 - 1366
Author:Songyot Kullasoot, Piyamas Intrarasattayapong and Chitchol Phalaraksh*
Vol.44 No.4 (October 2017) View: 146 Download:85
Adsorption of Natural Product Compound, Goniothalamin, by Dodecyltrimethylammonium-Montmorillonite
page: 1022 - 1027
Author:Jirawan Noichan, Nithima Khaorapapong and Panawan Moosophon*
Vol.44 No.3 (July 2017) View: 129 Download:62
Antibiotics Constituents of Endophytic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens UD25 Extracted from a Medicinal Plant, Memecylon edule Roxb.
page: 788 - 799
Author:Artidtaya Bhoonobtong, Sirirath Sodngam, Sophon Boonlue, Wandee Bunyatratchata and Wiyada Mongkolt
Vol.44 No.3 (July 2017) View: 150 Download:62
Characterization of Lipolytic Producing Proteus and Klebsiella Strains Isolated from Fermented Foods
page: 1007 - 1015
Author:Somboon Tanasupawat* [a], Mukkharin Phoottosavako [b] and Suwimon Keeratipibul [b]
Vol.43 No.5 (OCTOBER 2016) View: 259 Download:82
Effects of Pediococcus pentosaceus PKWA-1 and Bacillus subtilis BA04 on Growth Performances, Immune Responses and Disease Resistance against Aeromonas hydrophila in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus Linn.)
page: 997 - 1006
Author:Saichai Kaew-on [a,b], Nontawith Areechon [c] and Penkhae Wanchaitanawong*[a,b]
Vol.43 No.5 (OCTOBER 2016) View: 132 Download:58
First Successful Cultivation of the Edible Mushroom Macrolepiota dolichaula in Thailand
page: 959 - 971
Author:Leela Maya Rizal [a,b], Kevin D. Hyde [a,b], Ekachai Chukeatirote [a,b], Samantha C. Karunarathna [a,b], Pattana Kakumyan [a,b] and Sunita Chamyuang* [a,b]
Vol.43 No.5 (OCTOBER 2016) View: 191 Download:82
Micropsalliota brunneosquamata, a New Species from Thailand
page: 689 - 694
Author:Jie Chen [a,b,c], Kevin D. Hyde [b,c], Ali H. Bahkali [d] and Rui-Lin Zhao* [a]
Vol.43 No.4 (JULY 2016) View: 151 Download:80
Marine Derived Fungi of Peninsular Malaysia-a Biochemical Perspective
page: 894 - 909
Author:Audra Shaleena Paliany, Yasodha Sivasothy, Khalijah Awang, Mohammed Rizman-Idid and Siti Aisyah Alia
Vol.41 No.4 (SPECIAL ISSUE 1) View: 134 Download:63
Production of Probiotics Streptomyces Biomass from Starchy Wastewater
page: 294 - 298
Author:Suteera Srisamai, Phonlawat Srikhampa, and Wasu Pathom-aree*
Vol.40 No.2 (APRIL 2013) View: 118 Download:72

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