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Influence of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on Microstructure, Hardness, Impact Strength and Wear of CuBeZr Alloy
page: 631 - 647
Author:Nuwan Wannaprawat and Karuna Tuchinda*
Vol.48 No.2 (March 2021) View: 151 Download:160
Straightforward Synthesis of (6-methyl-pyridin-2-ylamino)-Acetic Acid from 2-amino-6-methylpyridine and Their Coordination with Copper to Enhance Antibacterial Activity
page: 1265 - 1282
Author:Husna Syaima, Venty Suryanti and Sentot B. Rahardjo*
Vol.47 No.6 (November 2020) View: 139 Download:79
Electrowinning of Copper from Dilute Sulfate Leachate of Oxide Copper Ore from the Sepon Mine, Lao PDR
page: 288 - 296
Author:Sorvang Vasailor [a], Sankum Nusen*[b], Torranin Chairuangsri [b] and Chairoj Rattanakawin [a]
Vol.47 No.2 (Special Issue I : March 2020) View: 226 Download:265
Long-term Study of Cu/SiO2 Microspheres as Antimicrobial Additives in Paints
page: 523 - 536
Author:Kanita Boonruang, Panus Sundarapura and Wanwipa Siriwatwechakul*
Vol.46 No.3 (May 2019) View: 130 Download:69
Determination of Copper(II) and Cadmium(II) in Rice Samples by Anodic Stripping Square Wave Voltammetry Using Reduced Graphene Oxide/Polypyrrole Composite Modified Screen-printed Carbon Electrode
page: 322 - 336
Author:Ploypailin Petsawi, Patrawadee Yaiwong, Rawiwan Laocharoensuk and Kontad Ounnunkad*
Vol.46 No.2 (March 2019) View: 151 Download:83
Determination of Gold by FAAS After Solid Phase Extraction on Freshly Precipitated Copper piperazine dithiocarbamate
page: 2749 - 2756
Author:Hasan Cesur and Vildan Aksu
Vol.45 NO.7 (November 2018) View: 155 Download:90
Electrical and Thermal Transport Properties of Dysprosium Barium Copper Oxide Ceramic
page: 2809 - 2816
Author:Paitoon Boonsong, Pimpilai Wannasut, Suwapitcha Buntham, Ampika Rachakom, Chakrit Sriprachuabwong, Adisorn Tuantranont and Anucha Watcharapasorn
Vol.45 NO.7 (November 2018) View: 271 Download:169
Structural Analysis of Powder Complex of Cu(bipy)3(CF3SO3)2(H2O)x (x = 0.5, 1)
page: 1944 - 1952
Author:Cahyorini Kusumawardani, Fitra Kainastiti and Kristian Handoyo Sugiyarto
Vol.45 No.4 (July 2018) View: 182 Download:95
Comparison of Catalytic Activity of Copper Nanostructures in Friedel-crafts Type Condensation Reactions
page: 1499 - 1506
Author:Alireza Khorshidi* and Shohreh Saiadian
Vol.45 No.3 (May 2018) View: 150 Download:82
Preparation of Bilayer YBa2Cu3O7-x -NayCoO2 Thermoelectric Ceramic by Solid-state Sintering Method
page: 1543 - 1548
Author:Pimpilai Wannasut, Nittaya Keawprak and Anucha Watcharapasorn
Vol.45 No.3 (May 2018) View: 161 Download:93
Effect of Plasma Power on Copper Substrate Used for Synthesizing Carbon Nanotubes via Alcohol Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (ACVD) Technique
page: 339 - 344
Author:Sureewan Phunwaree*, Wim Nhuapeng, Dheerawan Boonyawan, and Wandee Thamjaree*
Vol.43 No.2 (SPECIAL ISSUE 1) View: 120 Download:58
Unexpected Formation of Copper Dimethylglyoxime Dimer From the Reaction of Cuprous Chloride and Tetradentate Buthylene-Bridged Diiminedioxime Ligand
page: 712 - 717
Author:Panana Kitiphaisalnont [a], Upsorn Boonyang [b], Juttamanee Kowitthaya[c] and Sutatip Siripaisarnpip
Vol.42 No.3 (JULY 2015) View: 125 Download:86
Effects of Beryllium on Microstructure and Resiliency of Silver-Copper Alloy
page: 260 - 268
Author:Torranin Chairuangsri, and Ekasit Nisaratanaporn
Vol.37 No.2 (MAY 2010) View: 118 Download:83
Biosorption of Lead (II) and Copper (II) from Aqueous Solution
page: 69 - 81
Author:Woranart Jonglertjunya
Vol.35 No.1 (JANUARY 2008) View: 130 Download:63
Processing Parameters Study on Solution Route Synthesis of Dendrite Cu Sb Powders
page: 321 - 326
Author:Thapanee Sarakonsri* [a], Thapakorn Aamchikad [a] and Tawee Tunkasiri [b]
Vol.33 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2006) View: 123 Download:68
Electrocoagulation of Some Heavy Metals
page: 33 - 40
Author:Kanlaya Jumpatong and Duang Buddhasukh*
Vol.30 No.1 (APRIL 2003) View: 130 Download:64
Determination of Number Density and Volume Fraction of Copper Precipitates Within Proeutectoid Cementite in High-Carbon Copper-Containing Steels Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
page: 31 - 38
Author:Torranin Chairuangsri [a], Rik M. D. Brydson [b], David V. Edmonds [b]
Vol.28 No.1 (JUNE 2001) View: 148 Download:71
Determination of Copper by Slurry-Sampling Electro-thermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry After Pre-concentration on Activated Carbon
page: 65 - 70
Author:Khuanjit Benyatian
Vol.27 No.2 (DECEMBER 2000) View: 131 Download:63

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