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Influence of Waste Magnesite Particle Reinforcement on the Mechanical, Corrosive and Wear Behaviour of 6061 Aluminium Composites

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Influence of Waste Magnesite Particle Reinforcement on the Mechanical, Corrosive and Wear Behaviour of 6061 Aluminium Composites
Matheshwaran Saminathan and Solaiyappan Ayyappan

     In this study, waste magnesite (WM) particles with different weight fractions (2.5%, 5%, and 7.5%) were used as particulate material in 6061 aluminium alloy to produce composites with improved properties. The composite material was manufactured using a stir-casting method. A surface morphology investigation confirms the uniform distribution and good interfacial bonding of the WM particles within the alloy base. The addition of 5% WM particles was found to improve the values of tensile strength of 146.68 MPa, hardness of 131.6 HV and coefficient of friction of 0.565. Incorporating 7.5% WM was found to give a low wear of 161 μm and a corrosion current of 8.5 x 10-6 A. The results obtained confirm that such a proportion of WM particles in Al 6061 alloy provides excellent anticorrosion protection, wear properties, and good mechanical properties. Adding 5% WM to Al 6061 improves overall performance characteristics among other ratios.

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aluminium 6061 alloy, waste magnesite (WM), stir casting method, mechanical properties, wear behaviour, electrochemical corrosion
Vol.51 No.3 (May 2024)
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Influence of Waste Magnesite Particle Reinforcement on the Mechanical, Corrosive and Wear Behaviour of 6061 Aluminium Composites
Article ID: e2024037
Author:Matheshwaran Saminathan and Solaiyappan Ayyappan
Vol.51 No.3 (May 2024) View: 104 Download:10
Effect of Light Quality on the Growth and Mechanical Property of Tomato Grafted Seedlings
Article ID: e2024023
Author:Yichi Wang, Hongxuan Deng, Lidan Ma, Laiwang Yan, Zeyi Mu, Yinghui Mu and Song Gu
Vol.51 No.2 (March 2024) View: 350 Download:209
Superior Properties and Structural Analysis of Geopolymer Synthesized from Red Clay
page: 1234 - 1248
Author:Pattarawan Choeycharoen*, Watcharee Sornlar, Witaya Shongkittikul and Anucha Wannagon
Vol.46 No.6 (November 2019) View: 766 Download:320
Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Rice Husk-Filled Polypropylene
page: 35 - 44
Author:Jutarat Prachayawarakorn* and Panittanat Yaembunying
Vol.31 No.1 (JANUARY 2004) View: 497 Download:139
Influence of Sintering Temperature on Phase Formation, Microstructure and Mechanical Propertiesof the Recycled Ceramic Body Derived from CAD/CAM Dental Zirconia Waste
page: 370 - 386
Author:Chana Sriboonpeng, Jeeranan Nonkumwong, Laongnuan Srisombat, Attavit Pisitanusorn and Supon Ananta
Vol.46 No.2 (March 2019) View: 517 Download:160
Nanomodified ZnO in Natural Rubber and Its Effects on Curing Characteristics and Mechanical Properties
page: 2195 - 2200
Author:Philaiwan Pornprasit, Worawan Pechurai, Natthiti Chiangraeng, Chamnan Randorn, Nopakarn Chandet, Pitchaya Mungkornasawakul and Piyarat Nimmanpipug
Vol.45 No.5 (Special 2018) View: 636 Download:260
The Effect of Substitution of WC by TiC in WC-Co Composite Tool Materials on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
page: 1714 - 1721
Author:Jan Dutkiewicz*, ukasz Rogal, P. Bobrowski, Magorzata Szutkowska,Wojciech Leniewski and Piotr Duzews
Vol.44 No.4 (October 2017) View: 518 Download:185
Use of by-product Sulfur from Petroleum Refinery as Vulcanizing Agent in Natural Rubber
page: 570 - 577
Author:Pathompong Pangamol [a], Pongdhorn Sae-oui [b], Chakrit Sirisinha*[a,c]
Vol.43 No.3 (APRIL 2016) View: 507 Download:223
A Comparative Study of the Cure Characteristics, Processability, Mechanical Properties, Heat Aging, and Morphology of Rice Husk Ash and Silica Fillers in Natural Rubber Compounds
page: 265 - 273
Author:Wanvimon Arayapranee* [a] and Garry L. Rempel [b]
Vol.31 No.3 September 2004 View: 500 Download:145
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Zirconium-Doped Bismuth Sodium Titanate Ceramics
page: 169 - 173
Author:Anucha Watcharapasorn*, Sukanda Jiansirisomboon and Tawee Tunkasiri
Vol.33 No.2 (MAY 2006) View: 490 Download:129
The Effect of Compatibilizing Agents on Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber-Nanocomposite
page: 391 - 398
Author:Suthinee Netrabukkana and Cattaleeya Pattamaprom*
Vol.32 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2005) View: 517 Download:136
On the Production of Aluminium Foams Stabilised Using Particles of Rice Husk Ash
page: 302 - 311
Author:Seksak Asavavisithchai, and Rath Tantisiriphaiboon
Vol.36 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2009) View: 492 Download:136
Study of Crack Growth Behavior in Commercially As-Received Lead-Zirconate-Titanate
page: 21 - 29
Author:Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
Vol.29 No.1 (APRIL 2002) View: 479 Download:136
Fabrication of Open-Cell Silver Foams Using Disaccharide as Space Holders
page: 222 - 230
Author:Seksak Asavavisithchai, and Ekasit Nisaratanaporn
Vol.37 No.2 (MAY 2010) View: 474 Download:164
Effect of TiC Particles on Foamability and Compressive Properties of Aluminium Foams
page: 213 - 221
Author:Seksak Asavavisithchai, and Apiyut Opa
Vol.37 No.2 (MAY 2010) View: 490 Download:121

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