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Endophytic Fungi from Oncosperma sp. with Promising In Vitro Plant Growth Promotion and Antagonistic Activities

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Endophytic Fungi from Oncosperma sp. with Promising In Vitro Plant Growth Promotion and Antagonistic Activities
Machima Saengket, Kevin D Hyde, Vinit Kumar, Mingkwan Doilom and Siraprapa Brooks

This study was conducted to identify in vitro plant growth promoting traits and antagonistic

activities of endophytic fungi from Oncosperma sp. Sixty-two endophytic fungi were isolated from
leaves, roots, petioles, and spines of Oncosperma sp. Ten strains [Colletotrichum sp. (1), Daldinia spp. (6),
and Diaporthe spp. (3)] showed efficient plant growth-promoting traits as well as in vitro antagonistic
activities. Daldinia strains MFLUCC 20-0215, MFLUCC 20-0211, and MFLUCC 20-0210 produced higher
Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) concentrations of 120.3, 96.5, and 87.5 μg/mL, respectively. Quantitative
estimation of phosphate solubilization for these taxa ranged between 2.6-3.6. A dual culture technique
was used to determine the in vitro antagonistic activities against pathogenic strains of Colletotrichum sp.
isolated from oil palm and coffee, and Corynespora sp. from tomato. Daldinia strains MFLUCC 20-0207
and MFLUCC 20-0216 showed strong antifungal activities with 60.6-87.3% inhibition. Diaporthe strains
MFLUCC 20-0206, MFLUCC 20-0208 and MFLUCC 20-0214, and Daldinia strains MFLUCC 20-0210,
20-0211, and 20-0215 exhibited moderate antifungal activity against all test pathogens. Endophytic
fungi associated with Oncosperma produced positive results in plant growth activities and biocontrol
potential, providing a base for further investigation. Three isolates of Daldinia (MFLUCC 20-0210,
MFLUCC 20-0211, MFLUCC 20-0125) were especially promising due to their significantly high IAA
production, highest phosphate solubilization, and moderate antagonistic activities. Thus, future research
should focus on Daldinia as they possess great potential for a wide range of applications.
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837 - 852
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Indole-3-acetic acid, phosphate solubilization, plant growth hormone, plant pathogenic fungi, secondary metabolites
Vol.48 No.3 (Special Issue I : May 2021)
Saengket M., Hyde K.D., Kumar V., Doilom M. and Siraprapa Brooks , Endophytic Fungi from Oncosperma sp. with Promising In Vitro Plant Growth Promotion and Antagonistic Activities, Chiang Mai J. Sci., 2021; 48(3): 837-852.
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