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The need for re-inventory of Thai phytopathogens

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Contributed Paper
The need for re-inventory of Thai phytopathogens
Thida win Ko Ko, Eric Hugh Charles McKenzie, Ali Hassan Bahkali, Chaiwat To-anun, Ekachai

Plant  disease  associated  fungi  are  of  concern  to  plant  pathologists, plant  breeders, post  harvest  disease  experts, quarantine  officials  and  farmers  in  Thailand. Checklists  with  sound  morphological  identification  are  paramount  to  work  by  these  specialists. In  recent  years  molecular  techniques  have  been  applied  to  species  identification  and  many  species  have  been  shown  to  comprise  numerous  cryptic  species. In  this  paper, the  need  for  modern  systematic  treatments  of  several  important  phytopathogenic  genera  are  highlighted  and  a  recommendation  for  future  research  of  plant  pathogens  in  Thailand  is  discussed.

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625 - 637
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plant pathogenic fungi, quarantine, systematics, plant pathogenic fungi, quarantine, systematics
Vol.38 No.4 (OCTOBER 2011)
Ko T..W..K.., Mckenzie E..H..C.., Bahkali A..H.., To-anun C.. and Ekachai , The need for re-inventory of Thai phytopathogens, Chiang Mai J. Sci., 2011; 38(4): 625-637.
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Necessity of a National Fungarium and a Culture Collection for Fungi in Sri Lanka
page: 248 - 271
Author:Nalin N. Wijayawardene, Shalini Rajakaruna, Dong-Qin Dai, Sandhya Jayasekara, Lakshan Warnakula, Kahandawa G.S.U. Ariyawansa, Eustace Y. Fernando, Primali Jayasekera, Samantha C. Karunarathna, Darshani Singhalage, Kanishka Ukuwela, R.G. Udeni Jayalal, R.P. Prabath K. Jayasinghe, Chaminda K. Muthumala, Sumedha Madawala, Ilmi G.N. Hewajulige, Deepani U. Rajawardana, Aseni Ediriweera, Surani Ediriweera, Deepani Alawathugoda, K.M. Wathsala Rajawatta, Xing-Chen Jin, EP Saman Chandana, Chandrika Nanayakkara and Siril Wijesundara
Vol.49 No.2 (March 2022) View: 1,201 Download:727
Endophytic Fungi from Oncosperma sp. with Promising In Vitro Plant Growth Promotion and Antagonistic Activities
page: 837 - 852
Author:Machima Saengket, Kevin D Hyde, Vinit Kumar, Mingkwan Doilom and Siraprapa Brooks
Vol.48 No.3 (Special Issue I : May 2021) View: 731 Download:432
Diversity of Edible Cladophora (Cladophorales, Chlorophyta) in Northern and Northeastern Thailand, Based on Morphology and Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Sequences
page: 300 - 310
Author:Sorrachat Thiamdao* [a], Ga Hun Boo [b], Sung Min Boo [b] and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal [a, c]
Vol.39 No.2 (APRIL 2012) View: 507 Download:144

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