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Simple and Efficient Method for the Detection and Quantification of Cordycepin Content in Cordyceps

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Contributed Paper
Simple and Efficient Method for the Detection and Quantification of Cordycepin Content in Cordyceps
Doan Thi Phuong Thuy*, Tran Thi Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Phikul Intaparn, Tawat Tapingkae and Nguyen Thi Mai

Cordycepin content is an essential parameter that defines the medicinal quality of Cordyceps.

However, most Cordyceps growers cannot conduct routine assessment of cordycepin due to the
equipment cost and intensive time of the analysis method.
In this report, we developed an analysis method based on thin layer chromatography that could
be efficiently used as an alternative to other high-tech method for the detection and quantification of
cordycepin content. Moreover, in our analyses, eco-friendly chemicals were also used so that Cordyceps
growers could safely utilize this method for routine quality control of cordycepin content.
Our TLC analysis showed that the developing solvents of ethyl acetate:methanol:water, 100:15:10
(v/v/v) was the optimal mobile phase for the separation of cordycepin from adenosine and its analogs.
Over the tested concentrations of cordycepin (0.5-6.0 μg), there was a linear relationship between the
cordycepin contents and the optical densities of the spots on TLC plate. The DL and QL values were
calculated as 0.14 μg and 0.43 μg/spot, respectively. The relative standard deviations (RSD) between
analyses were remained lower than 4%. The accuracy tests showed that the recovered amounts of
cordycepin were 97.19% to 102.04%.
This method was therefore suitable for the quantification of cordycepin content in Cordyceps.
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420 - 428
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Cordyceps, cordycepin, eco-friendly, quantification, thin layer chromatography
Vol.48 No.2 (March 2021)
Thuy D.T.P., Anh T.T.N., Thuy N.T.T., Intaparn P., Tapingkae T. and Mai N.T., Simple and Efficient Method for the Detection and Quantification of Cordycepin Content in Cordyceps, Chiang Mai J. Sci., 2021; 48(2): 420-428.
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