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Worldwide Checklist on Grass Fungi: What Do We Know So Far in Ascomycota

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Review Article
Worldwide Checklist on Grass Fungi: What Do We Know So Far in Ascomycota
Anuruddha Karunarathna, Patchareeya Withee, Parichad Pakdeeniti, Sukanya Haituk, Nisachon Tanakaew, Chanokned Senwanna, Paweł Działak, Samantha Chandranath Karunarathna, Saowaluck Tibpromma, Tipprapa Promthep, Sararat Monkhung and Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon

     Grasses are cosmopolitan yet an important component in ecology. The current human population readily relies on grasses as many Poaceae species provide staple carbohydrate sources and staple feed to livestock. Ecologically grass plays a vital role as a pioneer inhabitant as well as sustaining immense biodiversity within the community. Fungi play a pivotal role in maintaining and shaping the grass communities. Fungi occur on grasses as commensals, saprobes, and pathogens. Each fungal community associated with grasses is responsible for the specific ecological property of the grass community, either in silviculture or polyculture. Hence, grass fungi drawn much attention from researchers. The taxonomy of grass fungi dates back to 1800s. However, up-to-date collective worldwide account for grass fungi is still lacking. In thi study, we compiled all the taxonomically valid data of Ascomycetous grass fungi in a checklist. The section Ascomycota comprises 3,165 fungal species among 207 families, 70 orders, and 11 classes. The majority of the species are represented by Dothideomycetes (1,367) and Sordariomycetes (944). This study is the first worldwide checklist of Ascomycetous grass fungi.

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742 - 984
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Graminicolous fungi, Life-modes, Pathogens, Poaceae, Saprobes
Vol.49 No.3 (Special Issue II : May 2022)
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