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and Author: Weerachai Phutdhawong      
Antibacterial, Antioxidant Properties and Bioactive Compounds of Thai Cultivated Mushroom Extracts Against Food-borne Bacterial Strains
page: 1713 - 1727
Author:Mathurot Chaiharn, Waya S. Phutdhawong, Doungporn Amornlerdpison and Weerachai Phutdhawong
Vol.45 No.4 (July 2018) View: 263 Download:125
Microcystin LR Content in Microcystis aeruginosa Kütz Collected from Sri Sakhett, Thailand
page: 231 - 236
Author:Waya Sengpracha [a], Napattarapong Suvannachai [b] and Weerachai Phutdhawong* [b]
Vol.33 No.2 (MAY 2006) View: 164 Download:69
GC-MS Analysis of Fatty Acids in Thai Durian Aril
page: 155 - 158
Author:Weerachai Phutdhawong* [a], Sumittra Kaewkong [a] and Duang Buddhasukh [b]
Vol.32 No.2 (MAY 2005) View: 169 Download:66
Simple Isolation and Purification of Glycyrrhizic Acid
page: -
Author:Weerachai Phutdhawong[a] and Duang Buddhasukh [b]
Vol.25 No.2 (DECEMBER 1998) View: 330 Download:150

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