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and Author: Nuansri Rakariyatham      
Optimization of Autoclave and Microwave Assisted Alkaline Hydrolysis for Release of Ferulic Acid from Biomass
page: 993 - 1001
Author:Pimpilai Fusawat and Nuansri Rakariyatham*
Vol.44 No.3 (July 2017) View: 138 Download:67
Inhibitory Effects of Phenolic Compounds in Ocimum sanctum Extract on the α-glucosidase Activity and the Formation of Advanced Glycation End-products
page: 203 - 214
Author:Khwanta Kaewnarin and Nuansri Rakariyatham*
Vol.44 No.1 (JANUARY 2017) View: 143 Download:77
Optimization of Culture Conditions for Maximal Production of 4-vinyl Guaiacol from Ferulic Acid by Volvariella volvacea
page: 1027 - 1036
Author:Keerati Tanruean [a,b] and Nuansri Rakariyatham* [b,c]
Vol.43 No.5 (OCTOBER 2016) View: 139 Download:53
Efficient Synthesis of 4-Vinyl Guaiacol via Bioconversion of Ferulic Acid by Volvariella volvacea
page: 158 - 168
Author:Keerati Tanruean [a,b] and Nuansri Rakariyatham* [b,c]
Vol.43 No.1 (JANUARY 2016) View: 164 Download:61
Selection of Starter Cultures for the Production of Vegetarian Kapi, a Thai Fermented Condiment
page: 314 - 325
Author:Suttida Wittanalai, Nopakarn Chandet, and Nuansri Rakariyatham
Vol.37 No.2 (MAY 2010) View: 122 Download:59
Determination of Major Carotenoid Constituents in Petal Extracts of Eight Selected Flowering Plants in the North of Thailand
page: 327 - 334
Author:Jidapha Tinoi [a], Nuansri Rakariyatham*[a] and Richard L. Deming [b]
Vol.33 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2006) View: 142 Download:69
Effect of L -cysteine, P otassium Metabisulfite, Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid on Inhibition of Enzymatic Browning in Longan
page: 137 - 141
Author:Nutkridta Pongsakul, Bundit Leelasart and Nuansri Rakariyatham*
Vol.33 No.1 (JANUARY 2006) View: 126 Download:63
Antimicrobial Activity of Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) Seed Extracts
page: 53 - 59
Author:Anchana Chanwitheesuk [a], Aphiwat Teerawutgulrag [a], Teerapol Wongchanapiboon [a], Jeremy D. Kilb
Vol.32 No.1 (JANUARY 2005) View: 160 Download:81
Use of Mustard Meal Media as a Substrate for Astaxanthin Production by Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous
page: 293 - 302
Author:Raviwan Tinoi [a], Nuansri Rakariyatham* [a] and Richard L. Deming [b]
Vol.31 No.3 September 2004 View: 126 Download:55
Screening of Antioxidants from Some Thai Vegetables and Herbs
page: 1 - 5
Author:Anchana Chanwitheesuk, Nuansri Rakariyatham*, Aphiwat Teerawutgulrag and Teerapol Wongchanapiboon
Vol.29 No.1 (APRIL 2002) View: 163 Download:101
Isolation of Pigmented Microorganisms and Identification of Their Pigments
page: 1 - 8
Author:Siriwan Wichai [a], Supawadee Sriyam [b] and Suree Phutrakul [a]
Vol.28 No.1 (JUNE 2001) View: 143 Download:92
Isolation of Erucic Acid from Mustard Seed Oil by Lipase Hydrolysis and Crystallization
page: 89 - 101
Author:Raviwan Tinoi , Hataichanoke Niamsup and Nuansri Rakariyatham*
Vol.27 No.2 (DECEMBER 2000) View: 155 Download:70
Phenolic Compounds in Protein Fraction of Processed Mustard Meal
page: 1 - 8
Author:Worravimon Trakarnsirinont and Nuansri Rakariyatham
Vol.27 No.1 (JUNE 2000) View: 150 Download:80
Citronella Oil Encapsulation in Dextrins
page: -
Author:Jiraporn Nawarak, Hataichanoke Niamsup, and Nuansri Rakariyatham
Vol.26 No.2 (DECEMBER 1999) View: 183 Download:83

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