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Effects of Plasma Technique and Gamma Irradiation on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Chili Pepper
page: 73 - 82
Author:Monthida Thisawech, Orapin Saritnum, Sureeporn Sarapirom, Kittikhun Prakrajang and Wannausa Phakham
Vol.47 No.1 (January 2020) View: 659 Download:554
Visible and Ultraviolet Light Absorption of CuO-doped Fe Alloy Coatings Prepared by HVOF Thermal SprayTechnique
page: 580 - 587
Author:Panupong Jaiban, Pimpilai Wannasut and Anucha Watcharapasorn
Vol.47 No.3 (May 2020) View: 535 Download:270
Effects of Mg and La Co-doping on Dielectric, Ferroelectric, and Piezoelectric Properties of Barium Calcium Zirconate Titanate Ceramics
page: 633 - 641
Author:Panupong Jaiban*, Pimpilai Wannasut, Puripat Kantha, Methee Promsawat and Anucha Watcharapasorn
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) View: 592 Download:458
Effect of Calcination Condition on Phase Formation Characteristics of NdBa2Cu3Oy Powder Prepared by Solidstate Reaction
page: 654 - 664
Author:Paitoon Boonsong, Pimpilai Wannasut and Anucha Watcharapasorn*
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) View: 615 Download:296
Adhesion Mechanism of Different Alkyltrichlorosilanes Enhanced Superhydrophobicity on Superhydrophilic SiO2 Film Prepared by Dip Coating
page: 823 - 828
Author:Atchara Sriboonruang, Tewasin Kumpika, Ekkapong Kantarak, Wattikon Sroila, Pisith Singjai, Narin Lawan, Sairoong Muangpil and Wiradej Thongsuwan
Vol.47 No.4 (Special Issue II : July 2020) View: 541 Download:408
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Biogas Using Immobilized Sulfur Oxidizing Bacterium Paracoccus versutus CM1 in Biofilters
page: 872 - 886
Author:Dolruedee Jirachaisakdeacha, Ladapa Kumdhitiahutsawakul, Patiroop Pholchan, Uthen Kantha, Wasu Pathom-aree and Sakunnee Bovonsombut
Vol.47 No.5 (September 2020) View: 670 Download:620

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