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and Author: Maslin Osathanunkul      
Leucoagaricus houaynhangensis (Agaricaceae), A New Yellowish-green Species from Lao People’s Democratic Republic
page: 1287 - 1295
Author:Phongeun Sysouphanthong*, Somsanith Bouamanivong, Thaviphone Salichanh, Nakhonekham Xaybouangeun, Phuping Sucharitakul, Maslin Osathanunkul and Chatmongkon Suwannapoom
Vol.45 No.3 (May 2018) View: 278 Download:98
Multi Chloroplast Genes for Species Identification in Bar-HRM Analysis of Taxonomical Complex Medicinal Plants Group (Zingiberaceae)
page: 1311 - 1321
Author:Sarawut Ounjai, Rossarin Osathanunkul, Panagiotis Madesis and Maslin Osathanunkul
Vol.44 No.4 (October 2017) View: 316 Download:132

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