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and Author: Athipong Ngamjarurojana      
Stress Analysis of Various Shaped PMMA Using Babinet Compensator in Reflection Polariscope
page: 598 - 606
Author:Yongyut Manjit, Chanokporn Chaiwong, Apichart Limpichaipanit and Athipong Ngamjarurojana
Vol.47 No.3 (May 2020) View: 284 Download:215
Hydroxyl Density Measurement by Two-Beam UV-LED Absorption Spectroscopy in an Atmospheric-Pressure Ar-H2O2 Vapor HF Plasma Jet
page: 1015 - 1022
Author:Wasin Nupangtha, Athipong Ngamjarurojana, Mudtorlep Nisoa and Dheerawan Boonyawan
Vol.46 No.5 (September 2019) View: 240 Download:118
Stress Analysis of Circular Disk Using Shear Difference Method in Reflection Polariscope
page: 787 - 798
Author:Yongyut Manjit, Apichart Limpichaipanit and Athipong Ngamjarurojana*
Vol.46 No.4 (July 2019) View: 170 Download:81
Solvothermal Synthesis, Sintering Behavior and Dielectric Properties of Potassium Niobate Fine Powders
page: 252 - 262
Author:Kittichai Jinachai [a], Athipong Ngamjarurojana [b] and Apinpus Rujiwatra*[a]
Vol.38 No.2 (APRIL 2011) View: 177 Download:70
Effect of Addition of CuO and Bi2O3 on Low Temperature Sintering of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 - PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3- Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3 Based Ceramics
page: 50 - 58
Author:Athipong Ngamjarurojana
Vol.36 No.1 (JANUARY 2009) View: 179 Download:101
Effect of MnO2 Addition on Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Properties of 0.2Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3) O3–0.8Pb(Zr1/2Ti1/2)O3 Ceramics
page: 59 - 68
Author:Athipong Ngamjarurojana, and Supon Ananta
Vol.36 No.1 (JANUARY 2009) View: 177 Download:64
Hysteresis Properties of 0.1PMN-0.9PZT Ceramic Under Different Poling Fields
page: 351 - 354
Author:Supattra Wongsaenmai*, Athipong Ngamjarurojana, Rungnapa Tipakontitikul, Supon Ananta and R
Vol.32 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2005) View: 163 Download:53
Hysteresis Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramic Under Uniaxial Compressive Pre-Stress
page: 355 - 359
Author:Athipong Ngamjarurojana*, Supattra Wongsaenmai, Orawan Khamman, Supon Ananta and Rattikorn
Vol.32 No.3 (SEPTEMBER 2005) View: 167 Download:58

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